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Черная смородина, протертая с сахаром (фото)Smorodine with sugar in winter is a vitamin stock that will strengthen our immunity in winter and come to help with cough and angina. A black somord lost with sugar on this recipe can be stored even at room temperature.

In addition to treatment, this wet granny can be used as a pancake fixation (e.g. black smorodin pie) and a pancakes, as well as a good drink.


  • 1 kg black snotone berry (1 litre snot weighs approximately 700 grams)
  • 1, 5-2 kg sugar

Preparing black sugar:

  1. The berries are to be removed, washed and placed on a pure towel, a napkin or paper, so they can dry.

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  2. Now they need to be crushed. This can be done with meat cuts, but with metal contact, part of vitamin C will inevitably break.Черная смородина сохнет на полотенце (фото) I therefore recommend that smoridine be emitted or plastic dishes, that some sugar be poured, and that the pure wooden mole be washed.

    Retirement black sugar

  3. Add the remaining sugar and mix. If you keep the cheese barrel at room temperature, you'll need a total of 2 kg of sugar sand. And if in the fridge or the cellar, it's 1, 5 kg.
  4. Like a crude Georgian ajik, a lost smorid needs to be covered and left in the kitchen for two to three days, occasionally laughing. This will avoid fermentation in storage, and during this time the sugar will be completely dissolved.

    Smorodine, sugar lost

  5. Dry cans in dry cans without 3-4 cm.

    Snotled with sugar by banks

  6. Upstairs two cm.

    Sugar layer

  7. To wipe out the banks with a clean napkin, if necessary. Lock the lids and clean up. You can use the paper instead of the lid by tying it around the bank's throat.

    Black sorodine cheese is ready

Перетирание черной смородины с сахаром (фото) Смородина,  протертая с сахаром (фото) Раскладывание смородины с сахаром по банкам (фото) Смородина,  протертая с сахаром - сверху слой сахара
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