Правильное расстояние между


фотография из вКонтактаGuli Umarov: Personally, I think it's best for black wing material.

Anna Minakova (Straischan): nothing can come through the film.

It's better not to take a film, but black loot or other non-canal material - water and air penetrate, soil remains vomiting and not breathing, weeds don't appear. I recommend more dense material - so that you don't wake up.

Bigshakov's Catherine: The usual black mulch is better. Only it has to be tight, or the weeds are running. ♪

Elena Krylova: I've done this with the hidden material, the grass is smaller, but so that there's no such thing, it's convenient.

Elena Butman: And under cover of the hidden material, we've got a snail drain. It's been a year.

Olga Osa: Elena, and we have the same Trouble, or ants, or snails, about a bunch of rain worms.

Irina Popov: bird crust

Darya Philipov: That's disgusting. The club's crawling under it, dying. Trava is tearing her apart. There's grass growing up. After the winter, it starts to pry itself.

Darya, I think it depends on the quality of the material. We've got a box full of it, and it's covered with material that holds 2-3 seasons safely. When we change the material, we add the land, we fertilize, replace some bush. I don't see any berries. But these good things have made a lot easier.

Tatiana Gorokhov: Not a film, a spanbond black, breathes, passes the moisture, helps winter.

Dina Mahmutov: Darya, what if there's a mule on the tape?

фотография из вКонтактаNina Mursalimova: I'm 10 years old. growing strawberries.I don't want any other way, weeds, if they are, just next to the strawberries, I can easily remove a special narrow long shovel. Advantages: Don't drip. I'm feeding every bite, strawberries are very big.

Natalie Astahova: Nina, what are you feeding?

Tamara Tokarev: With the exception of strawberries, we've got a lot of cats and cats, so they're always tearing it apart.

Nina Mursalimova: Natalie, now I'll be in the ash, in a couple of days, with a smoke mark ( very cautious 1/15) each and every one of the different recommendations.

Nina Mursalimova: Tamara, mice trap)

Larissa Ilina, I fully agree with Nina. Same experience, too, on Finnish technology. The tape is seven to eight years old, if the bush is sick or old, it doesn't matter. The berries are large, clean, the vagina is always, even in the most dry summer. Don't sweat. One plus.

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