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Fertilizer Cultivation

Огурцы в теплице. Как вырастить огурцы в теплицеSee also: cucumbers. Growing, leaving, feeding, solving problems,

Our reader, Xenia Yurievna, shared his long-standing successful experience of growing early cucumbers in the greenhouse and the kid in Siberia and recounting for the varieties of cucumbers for the underground.

In cold regions, manures or composts (i.e. cartilage) or warm-ups are used to grow early cucumbers, which are in the spring in the heater or in the lad built on the site. This technology allows for early planting of cucumbers and higher yields.

Potatoes in the heat of the manure

If you have the opportunity to get a fresh manure (better use of cows, you can with a small addition of a horse) early spring, don't miss it! Manure is not applicable to cucumbers, first as natural fuel for rigging and greenhouses, and then as a supplementary feed for cucumbers.

Put a fresh manure in a high long rig in the cucumber heater. The width of the rig is 1 m, the length is as good as you. Upstairs, put a layer of fertile vomit, not less than 25 cm. Go ahead.

Settle cucumber seeds (birids and heat cucumbers, see below), dividing four plants equally in each square metre. It is not necessary to smash and cucumber seeds to the hot manure in the greenhouse. If you don't trust the seeds, put two seeds in every hole, then you'll have to cut down the weaker plant. It's better not to overburden cucumbers, it'll lead to a decline in yields. Don't tightly cover the rig with a film or a lightly concealed material on the arc, setting up a guy in a cucumber heater for extra heat.

The temperature on the hot manure in the greenhouse rises very much (almost burns the hand if touched!) This is due to the process of decomposition in fresh manure underground. Thanks to heat, the first rounds of cucumbers come in 3-5 days after landing. Young cucumber landing days can be cautious.

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