саженцы смородины симферополь


Черная смородина, Ribes nigrum, кустBlack Smordine yields higher yields of larger berry if several different varieties are planted for reciprocal recharge. Virtually all modern varieties are self-destructive, but cross-pollution increases the number of bandages and increases the size of the berries even in the small-wheeled black snot.


Smarried with an open root system can be down in the spring and in the fall, but it's best to do it in the fall (in the middle lane, in the first half of October). The winter of the soil around the bites will be buried and sealed, the spring plant will be moved early into growth and well survived. There is little time limit for the use of seeds in containers.

Typically, the seams are placed at a distance of 1 to 1, 25 m. For 2-3 year harvests, plant in a row can be planted in a row at a distance of 0, 7 to 0, 8 m. But the crop will be shorter and life expectancy will be a little shorter.

The black moisture and relative shadow, but it does not make a strong stint. It is therefore better for her to take down low, wet, sufficiently light and protected wind spaces (but not wet grassy lows with groundwater speakers!) The best is fertile lungs. Black smords grow badly on heavy acid soils.

At the chosen location, it is necessary to level the soil so that there are no deep vaginas and pits. Then it's good to dig her into a shovel, carefully removing the roots of years of weeds. The sedimentary pit is 35 to 40 cm deep and 50 to 60 cm in diameter and falls about 3/4 fertile soil depths mixed with fertilizers - compost, super phosphate (150 to 200 g), sernosis (40 to 60 g) or wood (30 to 40 g).

The root system of the shell shall be dysfunctional, with 3-5 skeletal roots of at least 15 - 20 cm long. The terrestrial part is at least one or two branches 30 to 40 cm long. Damaged or underweighted roots shall be removed, the seed shall be buried 6 to 8 cm above the root cervical. The deepening of the root cervix contributes to the education of the inferior kidneys for the future of the multidisciplinary bush.

Before you fall asleep, there's a half-wheel in it, another half-wheel in the ring hole around the landing. And they're bumping the surface of the peat. Underground Snotlout rusty: near the root cervical at 6 to 8 cm depth, 10 to 12 cm away from it. The vagina is better stored and the vomit can be significantly reduced.

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