Чтобы вырастить качественную

How To Prepare Landing Ground

От того, какую почву мы выберем, зависит, какой будет наша рассадаIt's time for the gardeners to grow up. Ground remains one of the most important issues in this case. I'm sure those who have already experienced this situation will agree with me: the Senegalese are dying, the scatter of the more, and the only reason for the problem is in bad soil.

When it comes to crops, many go to specialized stores and buy ready-to-grounds-- well, their choices are huge. And unfortunately, I can't say it's a good way to be lucky. There are, of course, good producers, but there are those who sell clean peat under the soil mixture.

How is it right to choose the ready ground for scattering is a serious subject for a separate conversation? And today, let's talk about how to make a good soil mix for disembarkation on its own, what it should be, to make the sand grow stronger, healthy and yield a good harvest.

General ground requirements for landing

The breeding ground may consist of different components, but must necessarily meet the general requirements:

Здоровье почвы - здоровье рассады

  • It must be fertile and balanced. In addition to organic substances, macro and micronutrients in a form accessible to plants should be present.
  • He must be light, Peeled, porous to ensure free access of oxygen to the root sediment system.
  • It shall well absorb the moisture and retain it, ensuring the uniform humidity of the total amount of the ground in the sediment tank.
  • The optimum acidity (pH) shall be near neutral - 6, 5-7, 0.
  • Grunt should be " alive " , contain a microflour useful for plants.

Торф - один из популярных компонентов рассадных почвосмесейWhat in the ground for disembarkation should not be

  • The seeds of weeds, the fungal dispute, eggs and larvae insects, worms and diseased microorganisms.
  • Toxic substances. There is no need to take the components for the mixture near major motorways and airfields, from urban gasons and so on - dangerous areas can be listed to infinity. I think it's easier to tell you where to get from, from the woods, the plants, the woods.
  • Actively degraded components. In the mixing of organics, the decomposition process should not be intensified.Песок включается в состав многих почвосмесей для рассады You know it's accompanied by heat and nitrogen loss, both of which are extremely undesirable! If the temperature rises above +30°C, the root shark system may die.
  • Don't use the clay, its properties will significantly worsen the quality of the soils and make it unfit for breeding.

Which can and should be used for soil osmesis

Both organic and non-organic components in different proportions are used to make a good breeding ground.

Options for organic components for the mixture:

  • derivative land (from the fall, so now if it is not available, land can be taken from the garden);
  • Leaf land (previous leaf falls of any tree species other than arc and ava in their foliage);
  • Remote;
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