Как посадить огурцы в мешках

How To Plant Cucumbers

Овощи можно выращивать дома на подоконникеIn winter, you want fresh green, aromatic berries, fruit and vegetables. I want to, but my hand unconsciously puts back a bag just taken with Turkish tomatoes and cucumbers... Come on, you know how many living things are. ♪ ♪

Imagine, both cucumbers and tomatoes and peppers, and green in the middle of winter, you can grow up without leaving the house on your two or three windows! And it's confusing to create a summer scene right in your apartment. No, no, no jokes, if you decide today, and tomorrow you go to the semen store, you can have the first rounds on your bushes on 8 March, and the grown-up tomatoes, peppers and beans will make your son-in-law green and happy!

And let's make you think it's interesting, fascinating, important, necessary and not hard! We can raise houses of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers of sweet and bitter, carrots, beans, garlic, selery, green... oh-oh, how many!
All right, let's just... ♪


To raise cucumber houses is a very lucid thing. You just imagine, wake up in the middle of March, go to the window, tear down a couple of little green bush cucumbers, and five minutes later on the table is a useful vegetable salad... What's the smell all over the apartment? Вырастить дома огурцы - затея очень заманчивая

If you have the idea now: " Maybe I should try? " are a few arguments that will help determine:

  • The cucumbers grow very fast: literally 7 to 9 weeks after you land, you can cut the salad from your greens!
  • To raise the cucumbers of the house is not only a lucky man who has already eaten in vegetables, but even an inexperienced urban liver.
  • And a test shot, you just imagine the admiration of friends, colleagues and neighbors with young cucumbers on your window! You'll be the target of axes and axes for a long time.

Do you want to see what that looks like? Like this video:

Wait, wait, wait, don't run for the seeds you've got for the day's crew! All right. At first we read carefully what needs to be known and taken into account in domestic cucumber cultivation.

Не все сорта огурцов подойдут для комнатного выращивания1. Approaches

Not all classes of cucumbers will be suitable for room production. It takes self-destructive hybrids. It's best if they're early. It's even better if they're still bush. And also the shadows)

The hybrids have been great:

  • Marinda F1
  • Ongoing F1
  • Masha F1
  • Connie F1
  • Legend F1
  • Clave F1
  • Tatiana F1
  • F1

Good feedback also on varieties
  • Gribovka
  • Deb.
  • Zosule
  • Response
  • Babylon
  • April
  • Flight
  • Wow.
  • Aircraft
  • King
  • NIS-412
  • Cookat
If you're just starting to grow cucumbers at home, pick out of these classes, don't guess.

2. Necessary conditions

The cucumbers, like any other plant, have their preferences. They're:
  • Lightweight, so the best way to grow them is the eastern or southern side of the apartment (house). If the light is missing (most often so) additional lighting by fluorescent lamps will be required.
  • heat flavors, they need a temperature above +20 degrees (at least +22...+24°C in the day).
  • moisture, so the soil must always be wet (in measure, not overlit).


Red tomato, vegetables are definitely not winter or spring. So the fresh tomatoes from their garden in April and May are a great pleasure.

A lot of people don't want to grow tomatoes in their apartment, afraid they're not gonna make it. You know, the red fruits of the bushes on the windows are just at first glance, "you're so hard." Tomatoes. In the home, anyone can. Almost everyone in their apartments grow flowers, and this process is no less complicated:

Вырастить помидоры в домашних условиях может любой человек Для домашнего огорода  подойдут самоопыляемые гибриды Уход за домашними помидорами имеет мало отличий от ухода за ними на даче или приусадебном участке Перец сладкий (болгарский)
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