Малина Сенатор очень

Malina Senator

малина Сенатор
Laminated varieties
SenatorSenator is a mid-term, high-yield, very large class. 1, 5-2 m tall, compact. The berries are 5-16 grams, with a nice aromatic. Catering class.
Creep.The brat is a brace of medium maturity. It is divided by large, dense and dessert kernels above 4 g. (up to 14 g). Run hard, fat. The yield is high to 4 kg, from the bush. Increased drought resilience and resilience.малина Крепыш
Tarus.Tarusa is a maline tree, the first domestic type with a stamp type run that does not require a foothold. The berries are 4-12 grams, bright red, brilliant. Productivity high: 3-4 kg. from the bush since 10 July, the fruit is very strong. Recommended for production in all areas of Russian fertility.
PatriciaPatricia is a form of early maturity, the fertilization ends until 1 August. The berries 4 to 12 grams, sat-conic. It tastes sweet. Plants up to 1, 8 m, compressed type. It has developed successfully in all areas of Russian gardening. Sustainability to major diseases is high. Got a confession from horticultures for a surprisingly large, long market-type berries and a good kind of bush.

Espolin is the largest collection, with individual berries up to 18-20 grams, blunt shape, velvetous surface and a small number of large seeds.

4-5 kilograms from bushes, medium-sized, 8-10 July to 1 August. The bushes are grown, compressed, well developed. The leave is large, attracts healthy shape and appearance. Tolerant to basic illnesses and does not require chemical treatment.
малина Таруса малина Патриция
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