Воздушное отопление теплицы

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своими рукамиThe winter heaters are not just a place to grow vegetables, berries or flowers. It's the same line in the personal history of any landing farmer, after which you can reasonably consider yourself not just an amateur gardener, but a gardener with a quality acquaintance. However, building winter heaters is not a simple exercise that requires a capital approach, certain skills and careful training. So we have prepared you two interesting projects of the winter heater and a number of vocal councils for its implementation to help you as much as possible in this difficult but very interesting case.

Without any exaggeration, so far there are so many possible options for the construction of winter greenhouses, that a separate book or at least a brochure should be written for each of them to be fully familiar. As a consequence, we will not test your patience on the strength of the classic typologies, but simply draw attention to the main differences between the greenhouses.

Winterordinary, different from the following parameters.


In winter heaters, not only traditional cereal crops, flowers and mushrooms can be grown (champinones, hangings, etc.), but even exotic fruit and citrus fruit. What you're going to do in your greenhouse depends on the whole process of building it and building it internally.

By location relative to ground level

теплица для зимыThe heating heaters are usually divided into three types: in-depth groundwaters built on the ground and equipped on the upper deck of already existing structures (gravage, shed, etc.).

Architectural solution

There are a range of options, one, two or three-square, horizontal, archive, combined, stiff and other. The choice depends on your taste, financial capacity and the size of the future construction.

Building materials

The propellers are conditionally divided into bricks, wooden, metal or PVC carcass, glassed or polycarbonate, etc. In addition, combined designs are common.

Type of heating

Provide heliotopes, heaters with technical heating (water, gas, furnace, electricity), biofuel heaters;

как построить расположение теплицы строим теплицу хорошая теплица

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