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Leaving For The Grounder In The Fall

Земяника садовая (клубника)Batteries Land

The Earthman is not called a queen of berries. Because, apart from the attractive appearance, the tender taste and the exquisite aroma of the earthman has a lot of useful properties.

In terms of vitamin content, only black sorodine falls into the ground. In five medium-sized berries, strawberries are as vitamin C as many in one large orange, and folic acid in the strawberry is bigger than in the mall and grapes. Iron content is four times as high as apples, grapes, pineapples.

Рассада земляникиThe ground is not demanding. With appropriate care, it can grow everywhere, except for wet soils and dry sands. But it is best managed on the soils of the lungs (ausal and easily agrinist), nutritious, airproof and sufficiently wet. It's particularly demanding for a strawberry. This is mainly due to the fact that the roots of the earthmen lie low in the soil. More than half of all roots are in depth to 20 cm. However, too low water areas are also unsuitable. In the areas where the strawberries are grown, submerged waters should be close to 70 to 80 cm from the soil surface. These places should also not be flooded and plunged during heavy rains, otherwise the harvest may be completely lost, and the plants will be destined.
It's better to grow a strawberries on a separate site. But you can take her place between the young gardens.
Sensitive soil precipitation is one of the basic conditions for high yields of strawberries. It's entering into deep soil excavations, fertilizers, weed cleanup, weed larvae and wire.
In the context of derivative soils, recreation is carried out at a depth of 20 to 22 cm and on subsoil and black soils at a depth of 28 to 30 cm. In these areas, the depth of the digest is very important. The deeper the soil, the more favourable the water and nutrients are created for the development of the ancestral system. This leads to greater sustainability and yield. For spring landing, the soil is flooded from the fall and for the fall 15-20. ♪ ♪

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