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Blueberries In The Fall

After harvest
After the last harvest, remove all the weeds, then bury the soil around all the strawberries. The soil that you scattered, lay small pieces of horse manure or cow to fertilize the land. First oysters, even those that haven't grown up, put the manure up. The rest of you can't touch 'cause they won't overzeal. Spring you'll just remove them.
Between the strawberries, remove all the weeds and the purified passages, put in a variety of sor-- drinks, chips, branches, etc.
This is the way to go. tubers It's much more comfortable than the one that's most commonly practiced in autumn cleaning. Until the fall, it'll take a long time, about eight to ten weeks. Accordingly, the gangs will grow up very badly during this time. The growth of weeds complicates the strengthening of young bites. In addition to everything, rains often come in the fall and there are few freezes. Therefore, the process of flooding will be less effective.
The strawberries will be able to grow up better and be spared for the next season, if they are to fly in the summer as soon as the last harvest has been harvested.
Crusts formed during this season will be better able to grow during these eight to ten weeks because they will not be prevented by weeds, and the manure will contribute to the conservation of soil moisture and serve as fertilizer. More adults will be able to squeeze if they can grow the probe. If not, they won't. So... After harvest Still needs a little care, and following the rules of this exit, you'll prepare a bite by next season.

Strawberries are leaving in the fall.
Once the main work was done in the summer, the fall of the newly grown weeds will be removed easily, as the main work was done in the summer. Where the manure has decreased, it may be added. As soon as the strawberries are dry, the bushes should fall asleep with dry leaves. Another precaution against extinction. Those who are at the higher are the best to be further strengthened, because they will be the first to be measured with the roots of strawberries. Use an additional sor.

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