Малина посадка весной

Malina Landing In Spring

Выращивание малины: уход, обрезка и подготовка к зимеUseful malling councils: caring and bushing. How is it right to make a little winter? May I be able to recharge in August, which produces two crops in the summer or not? The answers to these questions will be found in this fascinating article on our website. We need to know that the escape of a normal malina lives for a year and a half, and the repair is one season.

The spring landing is not very desirable, because the malina has a very early start. The seedlings are growing out of substitution, which is usually clouded when landing. Running with green sheets uses stockpiled substances because the root system is unable to provide water and nutrients. That's why the plants stay long. Saves evicted bushes very low cuts in kidney runs that didn't go up.

Green runs are planted in the spring, at the beginning of the summer when they reached a height of 15 to 20 cm. In the hot and dry weather. If you run high, they'll be cut to 15-20 cm. In summer, the seedlings are planted in containers. They're very good at the winter, and they're getting better. When they land, they are removed and placed in a pre-prepared pit, pre-lived by fertilizers or composts.

In the fall, the landing starts when you run out. It's seen by the kidneys. It is not recommended that the small should be planted late in the fall, as it is unlikely to be able to deepen. So lately, acquired seedlings with the beginning of strong freezes need to be stored in barely wet fresh flames in a polyethylene bag, leaving it open. It's important that Malina have live bright brown roots. The winter bag with the seeds is kept in the basement or other cooling room, preferably at a temperature not exceeding 4 degrees. winter You can't!

Выращивание малины: уход, обрезка и подготовка к зимеPrivacy trimIf the plot is ignited, we need to remove the underdeveloped pigeon and some good runs. They leave developed escapes located at least 10 cm apart, sometimes 2-3 but not more than one root. Underdeveloped kidneys are removed at the top of abandoned escapes. If the small is ejected by separate bushes 30 to 50 cm, 3-5 runs may be left growing from one root.

At the end of May, in mid-June, the runs at 80-90 cm should be cut, then 4-5 new branches will grow, and they will be the basis for the future harvest. The escapes that fertilized this year need to be cut above (two to three mm) the last, starting from the top, the kidney that is ripe. Secator tips should be directed towards the root, not upwards.
In mid-May, when young runs of 40-50 cm, they survive by removing the small algae. And in two to three weeks, when the runways reach 80 to 90 cm, they'll be suspended for 5 to 6 leaflets in order to get a full run.
At the end of July, after harvesting, there shall be a cut of escapes, and those which were fertilized shall be removed to the root.

If you want two harvests of a repairable malina, you need to cut and take care of it like a normal mall. However, both crops will be small. For one, but a big, late harvest, all the escapes that were fertilized in the fall and the young ones who had not yet fertilized were cut to the root.

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