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The cucumber is a popular vegetable that has been cultivated by a man for a long time. Cucumbers are grown, both individual gardeners and collective farms. They've been on the counter for a whole year.

Calority of greenhouse cucumbers

The range of greenhouse cucumbers is 10 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition of greenhouse cucumbers

The cucumbers contain a lot of water. The water is structured or live. It is clear that cucumber juice is a remarkable diarrhoetic tool that removes unnecessary substances from the organism, purifying it.

They can also detect the minimum quantities of protein and fat (calorizer). As vegetable food, cucumbers contain ascorbine acid, vitamin K. Minerals are rich enough. Most of all in aluminium cucumbers, cobalt, potassium.

Greenhouse cucumber properties

Boys cucumbers are useful Survivors of cardiovascular diseases, liver, kidneys, obesity, exchange polyartry, submarine. The cucumbers improve appetite, have gentle, urea and weak action.

The main substance of cucumbers is cage. Her presence improves the work of the bowel and cleans the system. Like food, low-calorium cucumbers. Greenhouse cucumbers are used in different diets (calorizator). People use them to deteriorate. They improve people's feelings and skin color.

Greenhouse culinary cucumber

At a minimum, everyone knows a few prescriptions that use greenhouse cucumbers. Traditionally, they make salads with different additives, they steal the dishes, they put them in a snack of drinks. Greenhouse cucumbers cook winter canned. The cucumbers of greenhouses are particularly appreciated for their famous smell of freshness, which certainly improves the appetite of all who meet at the table.

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