Выращивание рассады

White-Growing Cabbage

Botanical name - Cabbage is white, is a variety of cabbages of the countryside (Brassica oleracea), of the Cabeda (Brassica) of the Cabeda family (Brassicaceae), or of the Cruciferae. Widespread vegetables.

Origin is unknown, the original species is not detected in a culture from prehistoric times.

Lighting is light.

The poem is a juglinist, rich cross.

Pola is a moisture.

Previants are beans, cucumbers, potatoes.

Landing is a landing.

Description of white cabbage

White-collar cabbage (foto below) is a two-year plant, in the first year it forms sizo or sero-green leaves with a smooth surface, tightly adjacent to each other and forming a sunset pink or nomadic. Depending on the class, the nomad shall be raised in 1, 5 to 2, 5 months, and the stalk shall be drowned in the form of a cat. For the second year, there are fermental runs with yellow bones, less white flowers. The fruit is a strap up to 10 cm long with dark brown seeds, charoded, about 2 mm long. Pushing bees, easily intersecting with others Cables: Brussels, colour, leaf, savo.

White cabbage is one of the oldest vegetable crops. She was raised in ancient Egypt, used in the warriors of Alexander Makedonsky. The ancient Greek mathematics and the philosopher Pythagore appreciated the useful properties and tastes of white cabbage, and he himself worked on her exploration. There were between 3 and 10 classes in the mid-19th century, about 30th, and now there are hundreds of white cabbage varieties in the world. It is cultivated in all temperate countries, as it has cold, high yields, good transport and leanness.

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