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Tomato Land

Грунт для рассады томатаOur future crop of tomatoes, peppers, bachelors and other crops depends in large part on the quality of the dirt that we procure on our own or buy in the store.

Each vegetable produces its requirements for soil composition, but land, peat and sand remain the main constituents of the correct dirt. Depending on the cultivated culture, additional components are added in certain proportions: cow, ash, ore, meal, mineral fertilizer.

We propose to your attention a reference table on " How to properly prepare the ground for the disbandment of the main crops " .

General ground requirements for sediment:

fertility: The soil for sediment must contain all necessary nutrients;

Balance: all groundwater components shall be in the optimum proportion, too high or, on the contrary, too low concentration of a mineral substance may adversely affect the quality of the sediment;

- High air and water resistance: the soil mixture shall be pulp, light and screaming without plant residues;

- The absence of diseased microbes, weed seeds, mushroom disputes, larvae, worms, etc., which could destroy young plants;

Грунт для рассады перца Грунт для рассады огурцов Грунт для рассады баклажанов Грунт для рассады капусты
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