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All Kinds Of Cabbage

Чтобы получить хороший урожай капусты, важно удачно выбрать сортIt's in the middle of the day, and it's the best of the business. All the windows have been set up with a variety of stitches waiting for their hour. Not many gardeners can find a place to scatter cabbage in their home settings. How to be? You can plant a cabbage into a guy, you can go straight to the ground, but the most popular solution is to get ready.

We've already discussed how to choose and buy a scout; we've found 12 secrets. cultivation Cabbas, and in Kabed's article, the whole head not only examined all the important features of this popular culture, but also talked about how to raise the cabbage in a reckless way, planting its seeds directly into the ground or into a boyfriend. But we have missed one equally important question: how to choose the varieties of white cabbage than they are different, and what to draw attention to when choosing. I suggest you correct this omission.

What varieties are and what are different

Before you choose a kind of cabbage, you need to decide what it is for you to use it early in fresh form, for sunflowing and conservation or for long storage.

Ранняя капуста созреет очень быстроEarly classes

Early-grade cabbage is not uniquely yielded and suitable only for fresh food consumption. Her nomadic grows up in a small and suffocated manner, and then grow up, they tend to bleed. But while it is not appropriate to process and store such cabbage for long periods, it is not possible to replace it, because it only suspects 60 to 80 days after landing.
Still, sowing the seeds of the early cabbage into the ground lately is better to buy the ready. Most popular early classesGolden Hectar, Zora, Rosava, Jaroslavna, Nadka, and hybrids: Alladin, Westry, Delphi, Transfer, Faraon, Express.


The average class of cabbage, which is imputed to medium, medium and medium late, is the average between short and late classes. Compared to the first, they are more crops, have a tighter nomadic, but not as low as taste and are suspected for much longer: 85 to 120 days from landing. Later classes, average yields and storage time.

The indisputable advantage of medium varieties is the possibility of being used for subsequent processing: quasification, preservation, etc. Number Most popular medium-speed cables These are: A gift, Glory 1305, Stock, Belarus 455, Braunschweit. Megaton, Menza, Rinda, Ganibal, Hermes and others are among hybrids.

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