огурцы в закрытом грунте


546844864686486The cucumis sativus is one of the most common plants. You can meet him in the gardens around the world. He's unsatisfactory, and when he grows, he won't get much trouble, but cucumber fertilization is a compulsory procedure under all conditions. Timely feedings significantly improve the yields and tastes of this culture.

To create good conditions for plants, soil must be properly prepared. For greenhouse and groundwater cucumbers, the composition of soils is different and a separate version is proposed for each case.

5468468468Some interesting facts about cucumber cultivation

  1. If plant leaves buy purple shades (especially when refrigerated), cucumbers lack phosphorus. In order to save plants, they need to be placed in an exterior feed from a superphosphate.
  2. When sludge is planted, it is not possible to deepen seeds into the soil.калийное удобрение Under the influence of moisture, they will rotate, and this process may affect the entire mould.
  3. A good harvest can be raised using universal fertilizer for cucumbers and tomatoes, a potassium sélitre. Kalius has the most positive effect on the good quality of finished products, by virtue of its properties to process glucose in sugar, and to keep it in plant cages.
  4. Dreams can be used for cucumber fertilizer. They contain a large number of useful substances that are readily available.пожелтевшие огурцы, лишенные микроэлементов In order to prepare a cucumber feed, we take 10 g of dry breeze and 10 litres of warm water. We're standing for two hours, and we're releasing a 50-le water soup. We've got a crew on the train.


Nitrous is the most important element for normal plant development. The others are important, too, but this one is necessary. Without it, the existence of the entire plant flora cannot be achieved, so nitrogen fertilizers are the first to make. The disruption of the growth of cucumbers is a characteristic of its lack. But such a phenomenon can only be observed on very poor soils, like a sandbag or a corn, used for landing years.

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