Electric Cucumbers

Governor Andrei Bocharov held a meeting at Pavel Cherdinskyev ' s front office during a working visit to the Mid-Akhtubin region. The effectiveness of public support in the agro-industrial complex was discussed. " In agriculture, stability is important. When people working on the ground realize that dominance measures are long, then they will invest and expand production. To enable farmers to live, enable them to develop settlements, the head of the region said.

Maximizing investment and dominance in agro-industry has yielded good yields this year. More than 260,000 tons of vegetables collected by the major economies of the region to date. More than 2,370 tons of vegetables have already been delivered by the Turdians. According to the agrarian, regeneration of irrigation is important in the Zawlazh zone. Its plans include an investment project entitled " Tribute to a irrigated area of 300 ha with the purchase of rainy plants " .

" The agricultural sector of the Volgograd region is on the rise, all our products are very high. Melioration issues are key issues, which is very important to us. We will think of how to further support those who will do so,” noted by the Governor.

We recall that, for a long time, the Government of the Russian Federation has supported the Volgograd Region proposal and has decided that 70 per cent of the Federation pays for refrigeration, 30 per cent is the owner.

Local production is highly demanded, it enters markets, shops and trade points in the region, as well as other entities of the Russian Federation. This year, good crops were harvested onions, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage and beverages. Potato production has increased significantly.

Vulgograd agrarians hold leadership positions in the country, ranking second. This is facilitated by dominance, in particular by subsidizing 70 per cent of the cost of irrigation, 21 per cent for the construction and upgrading of thermal appliances, 40 per cent for the purchase of elite seeds.

Traditionally, demand for bachelor ' s crops is high. In the region, 33, 6,000 tons of watermelons and melons were grown. Volgograd farmers are permanent participants in the Russian food fair.

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