Как сажать пекинскую капусту

Cabbage On The Ground

Рассада капусты по Лунному календарюCabbage is one of the most popular peri-urban crops that can be cultivated almost everywhere except the desert and the Far North. The most commonly cultivated species are grown by sludge, especially the early varieties of white-collar cabbages, but certain species and varieties can be planted directly into the ground.

Variation time species in the middle strip of Russia and the Podmoskovia:

  • White and red cabbage - for hybrids and early varieties - 10 - 25 March, for medium and late varieties - 10 - 30 April;
  • broccoli cabbage, which can be removed from mid-March until the end of May at 10-20 days;
  • Colored cabbage -- mid-March -- end of May, 10-20 days;
  • Brussels cabbage, from mid to late April;
  • Collrab cabbage, from 10 to 20 March and until the end of June, between 10 and 20 days;
  • Sava - For early pedagogical varieties, from 10 to 30 March, medium-speed from 15 March to 15 April, late from 1 to 15 April.

Read more detail: Household distribution

On Ural and Siberia, the time frame for the seeding of cabbages is slightly shifted: for early varieties of white cabbage, 10-15 April, and for medium and late varieties, end of April.

In the south of Russia and Ukraine On the other hand, cabbage seeds are replaced by February: early casbage varieties can be planted early in February, and ready dissolved cabbages are already planted in April.

By planting a flower cabbage on the sand

Early flower cabbage can be sewn in the middle of March. Colour cables for permanent products can be sowed in several stages:

  • 1st stage: to obtain an early colour cabbage, mid-March;
  • Phase 2: end of March - mid-April;
  • Phase 3: end of April - mid-May
  • Phase 4: end of May, mid-June.

Read in detail: Colored cabbage: How to raise dissolve

The age of cabbage from seed to open land shall be:

  • for white and red cabbage: hybrids and early varieties 45-55 days, medium-speed 35-45 days, late 30-35 days;
  • For broccoli cabbage, 35 to 45 days;
  • for Brussels and coloured cabbages - 45 - 50 days;
  • For collrab cabbage, 30 to 35 days;
  • For a Saudi cabbage, 35 to 50 days.

рассада капусты перед высадкой в грунт Рассада капусты по Лунному календарю

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