Подвязка малины

Everything About The Small

Рис. 262. Обрезка малины после посадки635. What's the matter?

Malina is multiplied by vegetative means and seeds. Use to plant root sprays is the fastest and cheapest way multiplication (see No. 38). Malina can also be multiplied by the splitting of bites (see No. 39).

The reproduction of seeds in practical horticulture does not apply, so grown from seeds usually falls according to the economic qualities of parenting classes.

636. Is there any way you can get a MALIN?

Malina is a natural garden culture. It yields the highest yields in pre-growth and mountainous areas with annual rainfall of over 900 litres per square metres and air humidity over 70 per cent over summer. The north, north-east and north-west slopes should be preferred in the selection of the mall landing site. Under irrigation, small can be cultivated in areas with lower rainfall and in eastern, south-east and south-west slopes.

637. What are you going to do?

Malina grows well and fertilizes on fertile wet soils. The most suitable are sand-glinist and alluvial-legal, nutrient-rich soils. The base must be perceptible. It is not suitable to cultivate soil with heavy clay plates and limestone layers located near the soil surface.

638. What's the purpose of the puzzle for the ejection of a manuscript?

Nuburg. big, dark red berries. The flesh is tight, with a weak aromatic, good taste. Suspected at the end of June. Used for fresh and reprocessing purposes. Transportable. The middle-aged bushes, the living ones, start to fertilize for the second year after landing, have good yields. The class is winter, more resistant to summer drought than the class of Bulgarian rubies. They're very large.

Рис. 264. Вырезка двухлетних ветвей малины непосредственно после сбора урожаяBulgarian rubies. Berry berries are large, dark, medium-sized. The flesh is tight, juicy, with a strong aromatic, good taste. Suspected at the end of June. Used for fresh and reprocessing purposes. The bushes are strong and very harvested. The variety is characterized by poor resilience to drought, especially during the ripening of the berries.

Maling promis, the berries are large, light red or dark red. The flesh of medium density, aromatic, good taste, the berries are ripped in mid-July. Used for fresh and reprocessing purposes. Busts are strong, starting to fertilize for the second year after landing, harvest. The class is sufficiently resistant to viral diseases, but sensitive to drought, especially during the ripe season.

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