Савойская капуста

Cabbage Cultivation

Broccoli's cabbage is a very rich vitamin product. It tastes like a colored cabbage, but it's much more congenital. Broccoli is a great dietary product, delicious and as useful as possible.

The growing broccoli cabbage does not require special costs, it's a rather unstable plant. Two broccoli harvests can be easily harvested in the summer. You can grow broccoli by planting or seed.

Boards Cable cultivation Broccoli:

In March, seeds will be planted in a closed soil and the scattered will be planted at the end of April, early in May. In June, broccoli's colossom is already suspected.

For the second harvest, broccoli seeds can be planted directly into open soil in June.

The cultivation of broccoli cabbages can be carried out on any soil, but preferably glinist soils and blacks.

Leaving for broccoli's cabbage isn't harder than the usual white cabbage: olive, swelling, feeding.

The optimum temperature for broccoli is from +15 °C to +25 °C, but the plant can withstand the freezes to -7 °C.

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