Ягоды смородины фото

The Berries Are Frost

черная смородинаName black sodium He received the word " laughter " , which in the ancient Russian language meant a " strong smell " and, indeed, of all kinds of sorodine, the black has the most pronounced aromat and fruit, and leaves and even branches and kidneys.

Snotlout craft belonging to the wing family may reach 2 m. The color is usually black sodium in May, June, and the berries are suspected in July, August. Snotlout cans are placed in the prepared soil in the fall. Smokes after landing for 2-3 years. Smorodine is divided into early, medium and late varieties.

Black sorodine fruits are large, round, aromatic black berry, although sometimes their shades can be dark red, lile or even brown.свойства черной смородины Completely ripe fruit must be collected, but within two weeks after the berries are fully ripe, the vitamin C may reach 70 per cent.

In the culinary, black tubes are used in a wide variety of directions, made by compotions, sices and veils, jams, jelly, different desserts, wine, sauce, and used meat and fish in brands.

Composition of black

Black Smordin is considered to be the treasure of useful substances and vitamins, as its berries contain vitamins B, R, E, carotine (vitamin A), pectuaries, sugar, phosphorus acid, arc, air oil, vitamin group C, phosphorus salt, iron and potassium.

Black sorodine leaves in addition to vitamin C, fitoncides, magic, manganese, silver, copper, lead, sulphur, air oil.

In black sorodine, the vitamin C content is so high, that only 20 berry berries are sufficient to meet the daily need of the organism for ascorbine acid.

The benefits and properties of black sorrow

The number of minerals, vitamins and minerals in black is higher than in many other berries. It is therefore considered to be a product of healthy and rational nutrition, which contributes to the enhancement of immunity, the improvement and strengthening of organisms and is beneficial to various diseases.

Black Smorodine is an excellent means of preventing cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer ' s illness and the emergence of malignant neoplasms. The ability of black people to prevent diabetes development, visual problems and the weakening of the intellectual abilities of older persons has been identified.

There's half a black tumor in kidney, liver and respiratory diseases. This poison is especially shown in a progressive atherosclerosis.

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