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клубника ремонтантная посадка и уходRepaired strawberries are increasingly found in amateur gardeners, but not everyone knows about their characteristics and grows as usual. Today, I want to tell you what it's worth, growing a renovated strawberries, and what it's different from the usual strawberries.

If you've read the previous article, you know that I call berries on my website: small fruity berries are strawberries, and large fruits are strawberries. I mean, how everyone used to separate them, not as they were classified in horticulture farms (they call these berries as a gardener, only divided into small and large fruit). Next, I'll write about the strawberries with a repairable, implying a major refrigerated gardener.

The agrotechnics of renovating strawberries are like a strawberries, because it's basically a very close relative. However, the strawberries have some features that need to be taken into account when growing and leaving.

ремонтантная клубника: выращивание и уходYou must know that strawberries (lander) are divided into ordinary ones that only once a year, and repairs that can produce 2 or more crops during the season. All this depends on when the fruit kidneys of the plant can be planted. Normal strawberries only shape these kidneys for a short day (year-old, early autumn). A refrigerated strawberries may be planted with flower kidneys for the next harvest, either during a long day of light (highly DD) or during a neutral light day (highly CNDD). Accordingly, you may meet terms such as DDS strawberries and CNDD strawberries.

For strawberries, I advise you, except for the usual strawberries, to set up a repairable neutral light day in the garden. This will practically rid the " wild season " . And if you give me a little more room. Refrigerated groundmenthe one I wrote about in the last article, you're going to provide a paradise for the entire warm season (up to the freezes).

Special features of repaired strawberries

The long day tuber renovated gives two crops: the first in July, the second in August-September. In addition, the second harvest is higher than 60 to 90 per cent of the total crop (depending on plant age). Unfortunately, not all bushes are able to withstand such loads, many of them are dying after yields.

Repaired tubers are formed not only in the mother ' s but also in young plants resulting from the planting at the beginning of the season. But if your team is sealed with a film, the ulceration will not be unless you can help the plant by bashing a new hole and filling out a rascal.

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