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Russad Cucumbers

Lower cucumber seeds in 5 per cent solution of welded salt (3 g per 100 ml of water) room temperature, cross and wait a few seconds. The empty and unfit will float, and the good will go down.


For half an hour, put seeds in a mangantov solution (1 g per 100 ml of water) and then wet the water.


Before drying the seeds on the sand, keep them in the wet tissue at 25 to 30 °C, usually 2 to 3 days. The seeds are considered to be slender when the growths are 3-5 mm.


It should be carried out if the seeds of cucumbers are to be planted directly into the open ground. It's a very simple way to put processed dry seeds in the refrigerator and leave 36 hours.

Details: Preparing cucumber seeds

Preparing landing

Shine Cybers on sludgeDon't forget that they're badly carrying the transplant, and it's better for every plant to take a separate pot. Buy a nutrient mixture for disembarkation, or prepare it from equal parts of the woodland, the peat, the overburden and the flames. Take one or two seeds into each tank.

Draw warm water and hold at +25 - 28 °C until the elevation occurs. And for the vagina to evaporate, cover the pots with film or glass and remove them when the seeds rise. If there's both seeds in one throat, remove the weaker stack, and don't pull it off, and cut it down, then you won't hurt the roots of the remaining plant.

Now, for two or three days, we need to lower the temperature to +20°C, otherwise the secrambled knee* will end, and the stunnings will go down and wrap. Try to keep the lights open, especially on pasture days, and then it won't last.

One or two times when you grow up, put the ground down. Twice feed the dissolved specially designed integrated fertilizers. Send only warm water (+22-28 °C). And make sure that the windows don't have a doll, the cucumbers don't like crossroads.

If it's grounded, there's two to three dark green sheets on every piece, and the roots are full or almost full of pots.

One week before landing in the ground, eclipse the sediment, lower the temperature in the room to +16-18°C. In a good weather, it can be taken to the balcony, but not to be placed under direct sunlight.


In 20 to 25 days, a cucumber can be planted:

  • 15-20 April, in greenhouses (and glass and films),
  • 10-15 May, open under film,
  • June 2-10, open ground without shelter.
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