Как выращивать малину и

How To Grow A Little

Выращивание малины по методу Соболева: подготовкаAlexander Georgievich Sobolov is an unfamiliar man among the gardeners. It is called " Machurine " , " malin genius " , for having been excavated and refined over the years by sampling and error, by its own way of producing a malina, bringing up to 6 kilograms of berry from each bush.

We invite the readers of the " Day Councils " to familiarize themselves with the soboliv laboratory, to learn from useful experiences and to test some " receivers " in their own malinique.

The experience of the lucky people suggests that by producing only six pieces of malina in this way, a family of four people can be provided with food and winter cooking.

Preparing and landing of the Malian

Any method of producing anything begins with the selection of the plot and the preparation of the rig. Malina's an uncomfortable poison, it can grow well and fertilize even in the shadows planted along the fence. But if you don't just want to get a bite of something, if you're gonna have to make a big harvest, you're gonna have to go under it.

Выращивание малины по методу Соболева: обрезкаFirst, it is recommended to have a team from the east to the west or north to the south in areas that are not susceptible to saturation or stalking. It's best to lay a little bit along the southern wall of the house. And in the marshmallows, you're going to be smored!

Secondly, the rig must be fenced with wooden boards or schifers to lift the precinct by 10 to 20 centimeters. You can smash a wooden tray like a box for the warmer room. It is possible to create some sort of “battery” from the ground. This is done to delay the moisture in the tidal so that the water gets closer to the roots and not to the stream.

Thirdly, the width of the blank rig shall be about a metre, the length by number of bites, and the distance between the individual malinas shall be equal to a mere. This is a very important recommendation, unfortunately, rarely used by gardeners. Rare landings and illuminating and suffocating better, their yields increase and the likelihood of disease decreases.

The optimum time to plant a malina is the beginning of the fall. They put a small in the moon 30-40 centimeters deep in one saint each. A lot of lucky people prefer to resurrect, and suddenly they're gonna die, they're not gonna make it, and they're about six runs in one hole. It's a big mistake. Several seedlings in the same moon only fight each other for nutrients, thereby reducing the life cycle of the whole bush. In the right landing and subsequent care, the malin can grow in one place for 20 to 30 years.

Double trim

The next season after the planting, the youngest escapes will be made (i.e. those who started growing up this year). So that each of them doesn't want to be naked with a stick, but start to grow a lateral pigeon, they're holding a first cut. At the end of May and early June, the uppers of young escapes are cut at 80 to 100 centimetres. So the bush won't grow too tall, it won't clone under the weight of the berries, it'll be very convenient to collect them.

By the way, for the convenience of harvesting, it's good to take care of a simple spaler in advance: dig up four poles at the malinic angles and, at 40 to 50 centimetres from the ground, skip the peril to which the fertilizing escapes can be connected.

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