Как выращивать томаты

How To Grow Tomatoes

Томаты (помидоры), выращиваниеSee also: Tomato salads, prescriptions + photos

Tomatoes (Tomatoes)

There are inseminate, semi-determinate and tomato-side hybrids. Old tomato varieties have also become popular since recently. Before the tomatoes and seeds begin to grow, one must decide which of the many hybrids and varieties will be suitable for your garden, greenhouses, balcony.♪ Read our special article on determinant and determinant tomatoes.

Томаты (помидоры), выращивание. Томаты из пасынковTomatoes (tomatoes): ground, landing

Ready. Tomatoes from the fall, generously adding a garden compost, a glued egg shell and an ash. Tomatoes are well referred to the high levels of organics, nitrogen, potassium and, unlike most vegetables, prefer low-alkali soil with reaction 7.0 and slightly higher. The wooden ash has a latch reaction and contains 5% potassium.

The weighted tomatoes will grow on the open soil faster if the pre-heating is preheated.Помидоры, томаты в теплице. Мой самый первый урожай томатов, 2006 г. Before the tomatoes are landed, you'll be able to uniformly set the substrates to which the tomatoes will be attached. By scattering the tomatoes, don't be afraid to deepen it to the first leaves (excessively scattered to the second and third, carefully stalking the stebel around the landing area) this contributes to the strengthening of the root plant system.

Tomatoes (Tomatoes): pasing, formation

The proper formation of the tomato bus is one of the most important conditions for its production. In addition to the tomato range (protecting side runs), in the northern and medium latitude conditions, it is recommended that the lower leaves be removed on the ballet tomatoes to each new latitude. For example, the tomato plant has only three to four top sheets, which are sufficient for successful photosynthesis and nutrition. This formation of the tomato bust, first, provides better access to light and air to the plant and reduces the risk of mushroom attacks and, secondly, allows for higher and early harvests of tomatoes, as the plant has more resources.

Болезни и вредители помидоров. Вирус пятнистого увядания томата (бронзовость томата, Tomato spotted wilt virus, TSWV) Болезни и вредители помидоров. Вершинная гниль томата Помидоры (томаты) у меня в теплице. Выращивание Помидоры, полив. Капельная поливальная система для томатов в теплице
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