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Strawberries How To Grow

Заготавливаем семена клубники и выращиваем из них рассаду своими рукамиMost of the garden strawberries are multiplied by the garment of lipsticks or by the damaging of the merchant. Except sometimes you buy a single class bite in the market, and in fact, you grow a whole different kind. How do you avoid this misunderstanding and raise the kind of strawberries you really want to see at your precinct? The answer is, buy strawberries, then the result will be guaranteed.


Sample strawberries

The prospect of self-producing strawberry breeding from seeds may cause a sense of helplessness, as many efforts will have to be made to ensure that plants do not die and begin to fertilize. But even if you have no idea, How to raise a strawberries from seedsthis article will help you to succeed and get a good harvest.

The seed strawberries have their own benefits: seeds are stored for a long time, and various disease-free viruses are not transmitted. Prepared seeds may be purchased or prepared on their own. Spray of strawberries seeds are possible for any classes except hybrids. You can pick up strawberries so that your precinct will be ripped for the whole summer.

Choose a strawberries for seeds with well-developed bites that are undamaged and yield rich yields. It is recommended that seeds be taken from the middle and the base, as they are larger, have a developed foetus and have high growth energy. The seeds of this type will be beautiful, harvested.

Cut the berries with a piece of meat, put it on the smash paper and let it dry. Then the dry mass will be stripped in the palms, freeing the seeds. The ready landing material should be stored in glass packagings.

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