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Огурцы хороши в свежем виде и в заготвкахGood harvest is not just a specialist but amateur. So before we land, we need to gather the most relevant information. The cucumbers are good in fresh form, and if you want to avoid frustration and loss, then it's best to put into practice the already tested councils. We are pleased to provide you with a compilation of recommendations on cucumber cultivation and care.

How do I grow up with cucumbers?

This is the most important step, because the proper performance depends on yields in general. We have to say that we have to prepare the ground. It's the best thing to get land where culture grows.

От качества рассады зависит урожайSo you can help plants adapt quickly to their ends. So you're gonna need a packaging and a certain amount of land to fill. Many recommend that no additional additives be used, but that plants be fed in growth.

The quality of the crop depends on the yield. The chosen vessel has to fall asleep and mark the rows. The boats don't have to be deep, the seeds must be in the water. Remember that the distance between plants must be sufficient to enable the plant to move freely at the time of the transplant without causing the next culture.

Don't forget that:

Огурцы выращенные в расстил1. The seeds put a sock up, that's the rule.

2. When the seeds fell into the ground, it is highly undesirable to provide them with a strong tidal. The earth must be wet, but not too much.

Place for cucumbers

For normal growth, the cucumbers need a tidal and sun, so they need a solar space. It's very good to put them in a place where tomatoes, peppers or onions have grown. Many experts are convinced that the most productive option for a new crop is the territory that was empty in the past years. But, unfortunately, there are little or no such sites on many outskirts.

Fertilizer cultivation and on the open soil are two different technologies, each method requires special knowledge. When you start transplanting into open ground, don't forget that for young cucumbers, the temperature of the soil is more important than the air temperature, it means that you need to choose the right time to plant.

Growing cucumbers. The cucumbers are in the kid. Teptiles don't hang out of weather patterns by collecting early harvests. To make you happy, the heater needs to be systematically heated, to monitor the optimum level of soil and air humidity, to remove weeds.
Огурцы на шпалере Огурцы прекрасно растут в бочках
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