За рассадой огурцов нужно

Care For Cucumbers

The most popular poison on our plots is a gardener or, as we call it, a strawberries. They grow a real strawberries, or a strawberries with small showers. Scientists have long tried to cross these plants, hoping to connect the first with the aromatic and the second persistence.

Earthwalkers multiply easily, pinks that make many. If they are planted in the second half of August - early September, harvests can be harvested in the summer of next year. When a plant is planted spring, the fruit will be produced in a year.

The glasses are preferable, with a sufficient content of the humus, which is well held. Glinist and sandy are improving by making organic fertilizers: a cross, a compost, a slurry. Or a bird's mark (1-1, 5 kg per square metre) under a transcope. The acid soils (rH 5, 2 and below) are known, but they do it a year or two before landing, or the plants will not survive well.

The earthwalk is good to sit after the garlic, the rabbit, the pets, the beans. Potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage are not allowed, as these crops are affected by certile vegetation (volta) that is dangerous to the ground, and the disease inducer remains in the soil for 12-13 years.

If the site is located in a low position, the earthwalker will be planted in the ridges from north to south. Well, if the soil mixture is based on woodland, it will be less destroyed during processing. The landing pattern is one-stop, between 15 and 20 cm, between rows 60 - 70 cm. It's possible to use a black film (he's scattered by soil, the edges corroborate, make holes in which the dissolves take place). The planted plants are well pounded and cautiously mulphed by the peat, overburden, without pinking. It's advisable for a rainy day to land. In the hot weather, the plant is tainted with inaccurate material (Lutrasil type) or fresh grass.

Further care of the earth is similar garden care Grounder. The spring and summer feeds use slurry to double it.

In one place, the plant is fertilizing well for three years, then the plantation is moved.

The fruits of the earthlices are delicious, with a pleasant moscatomato, tight, well stored and transported.
Class Tatiana Cantor

'Birulian' is a mid-ranni, stable to disease. Crop 1, 2 kg with 1 square metres. The berries up to 1315, dark red, very aromatic.

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