Как вырастить помидоры в

How To Raise Tomatoes In The Heat Of The Video

Помидоры хороши в свежем виде и в заготовкахTomato is one of the most popular vegetables. In most countries, it is considered to be the second most used vegetable after potatoes. Tomatoes can be salted, looted or raw. Tomatoes are good fresh and ready.

Tomato production methods

There are three ways of effectively producing tomatoes:

♪ In the ground. Tomat's a causal vegetable, he loves light and heat, he doesn't accept wind and excess moisture. Get a good harvest on the open soil, keeping simple conditions easy. There are three rules for the acquisition of excellent tomatoes: it is necessary to choose a suitable class for the area, to pick a solar place, to provide regular pole.

Soil tomatoes... In the greenhouse. The thermal production technology has its characteristics. The warm and wet climate is an enabling environment not only for the development of tomatoes, but also for the reproduction of pests and pathogenic microfloras. The prevention of this type of problem will be the sequencing of crops, humidity control and periodic heating. You can raise a tomato tree over your legs. Russad is placed in a pot or a broken bucket and soil, then hung and polish. In this case, there is no need to bleach, disappear soil, use pesticides. This way enables to plant tomatoes where there is little space or soil inferior. Original tomato production

Помидоры неприхотливы к почвеHow to choose a tomato class.

There are now a large number of tomato varieties. By way of landing, they're divided into street, warm, balcony and home. There are classes of giant and miniature; red, orange, black or yellow.

What kind is better? Every gardener has its own. In order not to be wrong with the choice, you will decide where you plan to plant a class (with small fruit varieties having a chance to be seen in the open ground, large tomatoes can be raised in the greenhouse), climatic characteristics (for each region there is a variety of tomatoes) and crop plans (for cooking better grow medium-fertility plants). The experienced gardeners are constantly experimenting with classes, testing new ones and necessarily recording the results.

Tomatoes may not only be red. At the rate of obscuration, all classes of tomatoes are classified as:

- Rawed (seen at the end of July);

Medium-speed (expected at the end of August, early in September);

- Later classes (expected at the end of September).

Russad's a tomato in the house. The growing and peaking tomatoes in order to be tomatoes for a whole summer, the gardeners are planting bushes at different speeds of sight.

How to raise tomatoes.

The seeds are planted in low drawers about 10 cm high. You have to give two days to settle, or the seeds will be less deep than they were planted. The optimum tomatoes to be planted are 2 to 3 cm thorns. The seeds shall be removed at a distance of 0, 5 cm from each other. It's possible to eat before and after seeding. The seed tomatoes of seeds on the disassociation of the Ideal Sand prepared for landing or greenhouse shall be 40 cm high, have the first bruise in colour and a developed root system.

В теплице можно вырастить помидорное деревоTomato landing site

Perfect place of cultivation free tomatoes Be protected from wind, sufficiently illuminated, heated areas. Tomatoes are less demanding for soil fertility than other vegetables. Therefore, practically any soil with neutral and low acidity is suitable for successful cultivation. The preference is given to light and high-fertile soils of a soup and arroglytic type.

Small soils contribute to the fall of compost or overburden. For organic fertilizers every year, it is permissible to produce a tomato of 2-3 years in one place (the last year ' s tomatoes are not ill).

Tomato isothing. From the seed to the harvest, the Tomatoes ' predecessors are pumpkin, beans, cabbage, onions and roots. Substance crops (bacles, peppers, potatoes) are tomatoes in 3 years.


We need to prepare and water them to land. The depth of the moon is similar to the height of the dining glass. The stiff saint is planted in the soil at right angles. I'll disperse high seas varieties and extend at 45°. The moons with the plants should go deeper than the soil, a little tightened and poured. There's a stack of the plant that's gonna have to be a stick.

The range between rows is approximately 60 to 70 cm and between plants 30 to 40 cm. Tomato landing density is:

- For indenterminant (high-ground varieties) or hybrids, 3-4 plants per square metre;

For determinant classes (with limited growth of the main stem) when grown in 1 stalk, 6-10 plants per square metre, and 2-3 stubbles between 3 and 6 plants.

Tomato, how to get tomatoes

Pool and feeding tomatoes

The most favourable combination for tomatoes is soil moisture under a bite of about 85-90%, and air humidity is 50%. The tomatoes are better under the root of the early morning with warm water. It's better to mulch.

We must observe the correct regime of the bay: after landing, they shall be scattered and left for three days. More than one to two times a week, it is quite strong, but given the variety, size and weather conditions.

Tomatoes pour heat water into fertilizers that are optimally suitable for tomatoes:

Оригинальный способ выращивания помидоров Помидоры могут быть не только красными Помидоры поливают теплой водой Томаты неплохо дозревают в коробке

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