Как вырастить капусту брокколи

How To Raise Kale

Как вырастить капустуFrom the article, the reader will learn all the details of the house scattering, how to sow right into the open ground. The article tells me how to sit down and take care of it. The cabbage can be raised in two ways - disgraceful and reckless. The first target is early harvest. This is the time frame for the seeds of any kind of cabbage:
  • white ( hybrids, early varieties), red-coated (from 10 to 25 March);
  • 5-15 April
  • Colrabi - 10 - 30 March;
  • Broccoli, Colored 15 - 25 March;
  • Brussels, late March-April;
  • Sawai, 15 March to 10 April.

Cable seed preparation and cultivation

Посадка рассады капусты на постоянное местоPre-conditioning of different types of cabbage seeds is the same. First wet the seeds of the class chosen in the throttle layer of binth or marley. To decontaminate them, it is necessary to place them in hot water, whose temperature is + 50 °C, for 15 minutes, after which it is two minutes cold.

Further, seed tissues are placed on a dish, kept 24 hours at a room temperature, making sure that it is wet all the time. Then the burning seeds are taken to the bottom shelf in the refrigerator so they'll be here for 24 hours.

Выращивание капусты на огородеAfter that, seeds shall be dry and sowed. The quality of the ground is very important. The Earth should not be an " emergency " - from the street, the garden. Because there are greedy diseases that are dangerous for the outlets. Acquisition in an authoritative shop soil for landing Cabbas.Уход за растениями капусты It can be punctured for 15 minutes in the oven at + 200 °C or 5 minutes in the microwave, with full power.

The rest of the land is poured into a clean dispensary, pre-blown with a soap. Straight 1 per cent of the manganese solution, cable seeds within 2 x 2 cm of each other and shall be placed on top of the same ground by 1 cm. After that, the drawer needs to be covered with a transparent tape and cleaned up.

Production of cabbages in a box

It's very important not to miss the entrance. As soon as the first " singer " appears from the ground, immediately put a crate on the window or balcony (if the temperature is not below +10 °C).

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