Чем подкормить рассаду помидор

Tomato Feed

Томатам нужен полив и подкормкаMore popular vegetables than tomatoes and cucumbers, there seems to be no discovery of the long-distance springs. They have no equality in the summer or winter - neither in the streams nor glass banks. It is therefore possible to understand the jealous attitude of the lucky people towards the appearance, colouring and yield of these vegetables in neighbouring areas.

Every year, in the middle of the season, the most malicious questions are once again " How often do we go? " and " How best to feed? " , so that the crops are all wild. It's not too much to remember and put it on the shelves.

Tomato Bay

As I often see lucky people who squeeze water hard from the hose all the crops in a row so that as much as possible can be removed from the limited time of the evening slide in two days to three. And all the time, the heart is squeezing.Нужно не просто поливать, а правильно делать это That's not right! What's right? It's right to know that he loves the tomato he needs and what environment is comfortable.

What we need to know

Tomatoes don't like drought or water. The most favourable combination is soil humidity under a bite of 85-90%, and air humidity is about 50%. I mean, warm, dry, but on sufficiently wet soil. People say: "The tomatoes love dry head but wet feet." If the moistures are not enough (for the plant, the leaves are woven, squeezed, buoys and blindfolds can fall. If the moistures are out of proportion, the tomatoes start to get sick, and the impregnated fruit burst and black.

The right regime is important. After landing, the ground shall be well pounded and left alone for two to three days (possibly and longer), then produced 1 to 2 times a week with a heavy but class, size and weather.Томаты любят хороший полив под корень Low-grown young bushes will be 2-3 liters, while adult giants will need at least 10 litres. A lot of dorms are even recommending five to seven days, even in a hot time. But here, as elsewhere, the principle of expediency must be applied: if we see that the leaflets are hanging, we take it and we go!
Tomatoes are the best in the early morning. Under the root. Once water is injected, the soil needs to be dried in depth.

Water for the water is best to stand and warm♪ It's great if there's a tank on the precinct that can paint black paint so the water on the sun gets warmer. Pushing tomatoes on top, leaves, and cold water from the hose is at least half the harvest.

Чтобы был урожай, томатам нужны подкормкиThe perfect option is the drip. If you have the opportunity to organize it, the tomato will only thank you, the soil will be wet all the time, and no heat is scary.

Tomato feed

There are many opinions here, too. The most “travel” versions:

  • 3 times during the season,
  • 4 times in season,
  • regular, every two weeks.

It's only up to the owner of the station. But there are certain rules and characteristics that we must take into account.

Nitrogen fertilizers The growth of the green mass (stable, leaves, pastures) is highly stimulated, and this leads to a slowing of the fruit. It is therefore not a sensible decision to plug the razor in the first feed.

Phosphorus-kali fertilizers should be preferred if you want to receive low nitrate tomatoes.

The best option for tomatoes is gold or potassium sulphate. Chloristal calium would only hurt - chlorine works on tomatoes oppressive.

From micro-fertilization, the most important tomatoes are magni and bore. Bor is particularly necessary at the time of the flower. (There were many indications that flowers and blindfolds could simply fall? And it's 1-2 times enough to spray leaves and flowers with a solution of beard acid in concentration 1 g per litre of water to close the problem.

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