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Tomato Breeding In Greenhouse

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If you want to put the tomatoes in the greenhouse in May, it's time to sit down and wait for the outlets. How can we swim and feed plants? What's a cliff? The councils of commuters who have decided to raise the tomato breeding give Oktyabrina Ganichkin.

In Russia, tomatoes have been known since the sixteenth century, but only since the mid-nineteenth century they have grown as vegetables.

The type of growth volumes are:

  • Determinant (low-sized), plant heights are between 30 and 80 cm in open soil and up to 1 m in protected. The main stem stops from growing after 3-5 floral and fruit brushes. Such varieties are fast-track, but short-lived to produce prosperity. They are grown in open soil, or in low heat, or in open-ground shelters;
  • semi-determinant (medium) plants reach 100 to 120 cm in open soil and 150 cm in protected areas. The main stalk consists of 6 to 8 to 10 kistas, after which it ends its growth. Classes with such growth are well suited for heaters of height 2, 0-2, 2 m;
  • Indies (high-grown) open-ground plants reach a height of about 2 m and their protected growth is limited to the height of the greenhouse.

Temperature mode, tidal, lighting

Tomatoes in different periods of growth and development have different external requirements. They can grow and fertilize with a long and even continuous light day. A short day is only required to grow up. The most favourable temperature for the growth, development and fertilization of the tomatoes 22-25°C by day and 16-18°C at night. At 30 °C and above, the dust becomes sterile, the flower falls asleep and does not form fruit. The tomat may carry a short-term temperature down to 3°C, but at such low temperature, the plants shall be warmed inside the heater.

The need for water in the tomato is quite high, especially for plants to be planted during the formation of boutons and bonds. However, this culture does not provide soil with near-Earth groundwater. It does not carry high air humidity and long rainy weather. Too much wet air creates conditions for burial stain and phytofluoroossis, making fertility difficult.

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