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Spring Trim

Схема весенней обрезки малиныMany lucky people say that malina is one of the least horny plants in their garden. But this misconception is in part true. The trim must be performed annually and, in special cases, even more often annually. The proper care of a semi-trailer is the key to a model harvest.

In huge malinics, which the master did not work with the secator, there will be no huge berries. The sooner the bush starts, the smaller the small. In addition, it is almost impossible to collect berries in the mallenick due to clutch rings and an unspecified leaflet.


Обрезка побегов малиныThe larvae of the spring cannot be considered the main gauging activity. This is rather a sanitary cut or a supplement to the autumn procedure. As soon as the last snow passes, look at the bush and cut all the intersectional branches, broken or sick runs. Malina grows in a bitter or private way. It depends on how the handicraft will survive.

The main rule is to leave bits access to light and air. If you grow small rows, keep a distance of 2 meters between them. The distance between the bushes in the row shall be at least 1, 5 m.Схема двойной обрезки малины In order to damage the mall, we need to remove all unnecessary escapes. One bust has to leave 8-10 runs. All unnecessary branches are cut as close as possible to the ground. There's an infection that's going to contaminate the whole bush.

In addition to cutting unnecessary branches, cuts spring Remove all sick escapes. Cut all the frozen branches of the branch, get to the first living kidney. If the winter mall is not damaged by the freezer, we need a planned 20 cm run. As a result, the height shall not exceed 1, 5 m.

A special spring cut ensures gradual fertilization throughout the summer in three stages. To do this, we need to split the bushes into three parts. The first part runs around 15 cm, the second part cuts half and leaves only 15 cm over the ground. It'll start with the longest escapes. Such a cut would make it possible to enjoy fresh berries not only in the summer, but also in the middle of the fall.

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