Помидоры в теплице, посаженные

Heat Tomato Planting Scheme

One of the most important aspects of plant development is the preparation of landings. It starts long before it goes to the garden. In order to protect against disease, the dissatisfaction must be processed by a Bordeaux mixture or Oxykhom. If you haven't done it before the transplant, you'll have to do it after you land it.
Ten to 12 days before the landing, it begins to be flooded, i.e. the cakes are kept open day and night. In the warm days, she's being taken to the balcony for 2-3 hours for 3 days. The plants are then planted for the whole day and even left for the night if the weather allows. And when you grow up in the boys, the frames are periodically lifted to bury it in good weather. A well-charted sand has a light purple shade.
Two days before landing, it is desirable to cut down 1-2 lower sheets on plants. This contributes to a better habit of siege and faster development of the first flower bone. If the scatter is ready for transplant, and you can't do it, then you need to slow down its growth, stop the bays and sharply lower the air temperature.
In order to preserve the flower boutons on the first flower brisket, it must be sprayed in 4 to 5 days before the disembarkation of the boracic solution (1 g boreal acid per litre of water).
The ready scatter shall have boutons on the first flower brush and a fat, unstable stalk, the height of which depends on the variety, large leaves and a well-developed root system.

Landing time
In selecting the optimum time frame for permanent seating, experienced gardeners are often mistaken because our weather is not predictable. That's why I'd rather sit within two to three times at a small interval.
On the one hand, a favourable combination of factors (inflated soil and air humidity, low soil temperature) is being created at an early stage of rocking sludge to better develop the root system. But at the same time, it's more likely to be damaged by reversing freezes.
Deading time in protected soil depends mainly on site location and type of protected soil. Spring can be drained in glass heaters with additional heating from 29 to 30 April; without heating, but with the additional concealment of plants by a film tunnel inside the heater from 5 to 10 May; without heating and additional shelter from 20 to 25 May; open under cover from 25 to 30 May; open under occupancy from 5 to 30 May; But for that time, the weather can make very serious adjustments.
Therefore, the risk associated with the earlier planting of the scattering should be supported by preparations for possible freezes. It is desirable that the heater be tightened by two layers of film with a distance of 2 to 3 cm between them. To keep the heat until the landing is empty, gardeners usually grow early green around the edge.

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