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Creating Cucumbers In A Kid

Выращивание огурцов в парнике. Методы и особенности выращивания огурцов в парниковых условияхOn Ural, most of them, cucumbers are built under small captive cover, They grow cucumbers in the kid.)

Russadou is planted or seeds are planted in the middle of May, 5 to 20 days earlier than in the open ground (in other parts of Russia differently).

It's the most late. Grounding plants is the same as on the open.

When raising cucumbers in a kid, it must be taken into account that in tunnels, solar air temperatures should not rise above 30°. For the thermometer to have the correct reading, his head is covered by a piece of white paper from direct sunlight.

If the weather is warm for a long time, the tunnels are exposed, the film is stored or removed and folded under suspension, and at the end of the summer (with the advent of cold nights) the crops are again covered.

In order to be comfortable with the concealment of the edge of the film, the raki booths are beaten. On Ural, cucumbers grow on slurry. In the heated manure (biofuels) the moons (deep 15-20 and diameter 20 to 30 cm) are made between 30 and 40 cm. The surface is filled with limestone (300 to 500 g/m2).

Then, in the moons, the fertilization of the fertilized garden soil or a mixture of peat and fertilizers, seeds (3-5 grand) or sludges (2-3 plants in the hole) and closes a lightly transparent film with strong freezes (2-3°) into two layers. At the same time, it combines the cultivation of manures with small-scale light-transparent concealments.

In this case, it is possible to have an earlier landing or planting time in early May, a month earlier than, for example, the landing or planting of crops. Open-ended cucumbers♪ The fear could cause too high temperature. ♪ ♪

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