Клубника: уход, удобрение

Autumn Strawberries Feed

Удобрения для клубникиNot every gardener can brag about a rich black earth soil on its precinct. Again, not every horticulture, even if it chooses to practice natural farming, is capable of replacing all its traditional horticultures with more fertile organics in one seed. Especially when it comes to a strawberries that grows in one place for years.

In order not to stay in a season without a real shower and sweet strawberries, many lucky people have to rely on feeds. Today we will talk about when and what the strawberries need to be fed up for optimal growth, buoy blooming and appropriate fertilization.

During this season, strawberries are usually fed three times: in the spring, summer after harvesting the main harvest and late summer or fall before winter preparation. Especially for feeding the refrigerant strawberries, it needs to be fed at intervals a week.

First spring tuber feed

For the first time, strawberries feed in the spring, at the very beginning of the season, as soon as snow comes down and more and less warm weather. The first feed is intended to stimulate the growth of fresh runs and leaves, so it should contain nitrogen.

Чем подкормить клубникуSpring of strawberries

  • 1 ammonium sulphate and 2 cows per 10 litres of water;
  • 1 St. Nitroammophoska per 10 litres of water;
  • 1 part of the cow in 10 parts of the water;
  • 1 part of the chicken plain per 12 parts of the water;
  • 1 bucket of boreholes pouring heat water and holding 3-4 days;
  • 30 pounds of iodine, 1 boronic acid tea spoon, 1 glass of ash per 10 litres of water;
  • 3 grams of manganese, 0, 5 pp. Bornoic acid, 1 urea and 0, 5 glass of ash per 10 litres of water;
  • 2/3 buckets of dry crusts, pieces, any residue of rusty bread, pour water and hold 6-10 days in heat. Then unleash the water in three;
  • 1 part of the serum (or any other button product) per 3 parts of the water.

Under each strawberry bush, it is necessary to pour 0, 5-1 litre of liquid underwear, depending on the bush size.

Second strawberry feed

The second strawberries feeds in the summer, near the end of July, after the harvest of the main berries. Why would I be? The point is, at this time, new roots are being created and the flower kidneys are planted for the next season, so plants will not interfere with additional potassium and micronutrients.

Second strawberries

  • 2 nitrophoska and 1l potassium sulfate for 10 litres of water;
  • 2 stacks of potassium selits per 10 litres of water;
  • One glass of biogumus per 10 litres of water is 24 hours, then split with water;
  • 100 grams of ash per 10 litres of water.

Every bite has to purify about 0, 5 litres of any of the above fertilizers. As an option, the ash may not be dissolved in the water, but fall directly under the bushes. In two weeks, the feeding would be good to repeat, because at this time, the plants need food most.

Third feed Strawberries in the fall

The last third strawberry feed is recommended to be held in the dry weather in mid-September, when harvests are long harvested and the bushes begin to prepare for the winter. Typically, in the third submarine, young (frequent) plants are particularly in need of to reconstruct successfully.

In autumn strawberries

  • 1 part of the cow in 10 parts of water + 0, 5 glass of ash;
  • 1 part of the cow in 10 parts of water + 2 of St. Superphosphate + 1 glass of ash;
  • 2 St. Nitroamfoski, 30 grams of potassium sulphate and 1 glass of ash per 10 litres of water.
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