Клубника Зенга-Зенгана

Landing In The Fall

Клубника весной и в начале лета: выращиваем, как в лесуContents:

Strong freezes without snow in the fall, small winter and early but cold springs added horticultures. How's the strawberries? Is there anything that can be done to protect the strawberries from the morose in the future and increase the yields? What's important is how much less care is strawberries?

It is no secret that many gardeners have ceased to grow a large gardener (incorrect but well-established name - strawberries) because it requires constant care and work. But that's what we've come up with! The Earthman (so I'm gonna call her) came to us from the forest, and she should be free to act. Let it grow like the woods. Get away from your work and enjoy your life! I'll tell you how to put the grounder in a way that doesn't have to be taken care of, and what does it have to do?

Landers: landing and cultivation

Клубника весной и в начале лета: выращиваем, как в лесуIn my North-West, I put a groundman in early June, not in August-September, as usual. Years ago, I've seen the stick, the strongest and most fertilizing mother's bush. When the fruits start to grow up, I leave only four ounces around each marked bush, evenly distributed and left only one pink. Everything else is removed. These four pinks leave winter with the mother's plant.

At the end of the summer, I'm making a new team under the grounder, and I'm going to sew her white pot to take the nematodes, the wire and cure the soil. When the fall of the freeze is destroyed by a mustard, I'll slightly dig it with a flat Focin cut at a depth of not more than 5 to 7 cm, I'll take the Fitasporine and then I'll close the light-proof material to prevent the sornikov from coming.

At the beginning of June, when most of the work is completed, I cut the pinks from the mother's bush and cross them right on the shovel into the pit, pre-empting the concealment, making the marking and the holes at the centre of the dress 20 cm apart. One third of the tea spoon of the dust fraction of AVA fertilizer (or the cafeteria of the ash) is present in every hole, pouring through a litre of water.

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