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Video Cucumbers In The Greenhouse

Polycarbonate is the best option for cucumbers. It can pass the right amount of light, hold heat and prevent the burning of plants by direct sunlight. Polycarbonate heater is solid, reliable and long. It can easily create the necessary microclimate for harvest. The cultivation of cucumbers in such a greenhouse has certain characteristics that we're talking about in this article.

Class Polycarbonate heaters

The thermal conditions require certain varieties of vegetables that have specific characteristics.

  1. In greenhouses, it is recommended that cucumbers that do not need pollination for the formation of fruit (F 1 Azbuca, F 1 Teremoc). It should be borne in mind that such varieties do not carry the fluctuation of moisture and temperatures.
  2. If additional lighting is not intended, it is necessary to select varieties that carry a good heat and light deficit (Ladoga, F 1 Estaphate, F 1 Northern Light, F 1 Marathon, F 1 Olympiad).
  3. The nature of the cucumber branches depends on the length of the harvest. Therefore, in unhydrated heaters, it is best to grow varieties with moderate or weak branches (F 1 Moravia, F 1 Mazai, F 1 Amur, F 1 Balalaika). And for heated structures, plants that are capable of controlling the injection themselves (F 1 Boy with the finger) will be suitable.
  4. Some cucumbers are only for salads because they have fat skin and are not suitable for canning. For salads, you can grow: F 1 Tamerlan, F 1 Makar, F 1 Zosul. In order to be conserved, the sunflower varieties are F 1 Cop, F 1 Yellow, F 1 Lord.

All hybrid F1 varieties are popular among gardeners and receive good feedback. In any case, quality seeds must be chosen to produce a good harvest.

Secure the landing ground.

The cucumber grunt should be vomiting and good for the moisture and air. Teams are the best thing to do. Their height shall be about 20-25 cm and the width shall be 100 cm.

Before planting vegetables, the solution of chlorine is to be processed, which will help eliminate various diseases and harmful insects.

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