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Vegetable Of Cucumbers In Winter

«Чистый доход с моих теплиц — не менее 200 тысяч вAny case, first and foremost, must take into account the natural advantages. No one's going to come to build an elite hotel in God, a forgotten village, or throw a bachelor in the North Pole. That's the way it is with a warm business. It's stupid to build a greenhouse in a clean field, even if there's a land lease, or high in the mountains, etc.

With this allegation, Ilya Nikolayevich Odintzov began his story categorically. He's from Rostov province, living in a small industrial city. He's fifty-six years old, in the profession of an automobile engineer, worked at a large chemical factory in Soviet time. In the first years of the restructuring of Letsov, the “burial of money” in a cooperative at the factory was tormenting my powder into bags, then “burning” used cars from Germany, then reassigned to the “husband”, currently breeding cucumbers and redistributions in a personal thermal household. He calls himself a millionaire from the greenhouse.

So we're in his guests. There's a small Italian brick mansion behind a high fence from the profnastic, a coated blue metal nozzle. There's a new crossover in front of the gate. It feels like the master is standing on his feet. He's invited to the yard, and the first thing that's left in the eye is the absence of trees on the precinct, only the greenhouses. Between them, concrete paths and metallic plastic pipes.

♪ How did you come to the thought of a warm business?

♪ It started in 1998. Then I took clothes from Turkey. As I remember when the dollar was three times in a scary dream. To calculate the debts, sold a new mark and gave all the savings. At that time, the tomato stores were only imported, and they also cost three times. It's got me, and it's the idea of having a warm house, and it's good that there were six streams of land in the house.

♪ You have the greenhouses on the precinct...

♪ I've been breeding for 12 years. cucumbers in heat I'm sure you don't need to get involved with this case if you don't have your own precinct at the house. In this case, the sheep is not worth making out, except for pleasure.
Ilya Nikolayevich then showed his farm, the heaters built two types, carcass, long, 20 metres to the fence itself, 2 5 metres wide, and 1scal, deep.

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