Как выращивают тепличные


Well, there's been a week of this summer, and I'm gonna have to make some headlines on my country experiments. Their novels, which I've been writing here, have been most rewarded by the Tomatoes of the Apple Savings class - flat, round, purely apples! The fruits themselves are dense and not large, great sunflower.

They're a bite.

"Budenovka" is also on sunflower, dipped slices in the ground, and there was little in the greenhouse, probably dark in there. Of all the experimental sunflowers, I'm picking up "spa."

The black cherry isn't a novel, it's been season two. Great, delicious worries! Growed up in the greenhouse to the roof, and it looks like it's so far as infinity:

The Eskimo peppers were very happy. Open ground In this hot summer, they grow great, lots of peppers and color so beautiful: Definitely worthy! The photo is the extreme left.

My experimental corn from Alcom is nothing but "ah!" Just a corn like a corn. This year, there's just some incredible corn in Cou. It's just a corn. She's a couple of things for herself and Sema.

The Elcom cucumbers liked a lot of fruit, and they're good! The beetle's good, too, but the pumpkins didn't come. By the way, we've got almost no pumpkins and boots this year. They didn't have enough, either attention, or the pole... ♪

The hairdresser's on his forehead, and I'm not going to be crazy about it. I didn't make it last year:

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