Весенние работы в саду

Spring Gardening

Сад весной, приемы и советы по уходуThese simple jobs need to be carried out annually, in the spring, and then the summer garden will thank you for them.

Spring inevitably comes every year, but again and again, we're seeing a natural awakening. We can speed up his approach and help our garden wake up from sleep.

1. feed the plants

At the beginning of the spring, as the snow starts, the most appropriate time comes to prepare the garden for spring growth. Sad plants always need an extra feed. Most fertilizers are the mixture of the most important nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen interconnections contribute to the growth of the green mass of plants, phosphorus is responsible for the strong growth of the root system and bleaching, potassium is important for the formation of flowers and fruits. During this period, the most effective use of integrated fertilizers, Azophoska, Nitroammoska.

2. Propolitical landing

The beginning of spring is the time of the bulk of the cow. Most of their multi-year cultural plants have not yet moved to full growth, but weeds are well known, although many have been severely weakened after winter. Small plots are easier to disappear manually, trying to wipe the weeds with the roots, because most of the solar plants can recover even from the smallest parts of the root. There are many different herbicides on sale. Raundape is the most popular, a general gerbicide capable of winning even a whiff.

3. Push the soil.

Carry on the landing. The maul layer regulates soil temperature, prevents evaporation and retains soil moisture, and prevents the growth of weeds. The most commonly used is a smeared crust or straw, reversing leaves or compost. Usually enough layers in 10 cm. If you use a manure when you're mauling, make sure he's a good reprimand, or oxidation processes will destroy plants.

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