возраст веток смородины


Скелетные ветви и нулевые побеги смородиныWithout cuts, the humorous bush will not be able to fertilize fully because the bulk of the berry is tied to last year ' s growth of four-year-olds.

Old, dried, pested, and preventing new branches from escaping, need to be developed regularly so that new foetus grow up to replace them. For 25 years (for black) or 15 years (for red) it is possible to obtain excellent harvests from it at a time of humour.

When is it better to cut off the snot? How is it right to form a bush? Are there any differences in black and red cuts? We'll figure it out!

Как обрезать смородину в первый год

Black Smordin There's a growing crust, composed of a lot of branches. The purpose of the gardener is to form every bush so that it is 15-20 spray branches (from zero to six years). The branches over six years leave no point in the bush: there's no berries. In order to properly form the bush, it is recommended that the cut should start from the very first year of life, i.e. immediately after landing.

Smoredine shelling

Как обрезать смородину во второй годWhen a saint is planted, it will be necessary to cut the uppers of all available escapes, leaving two to three kidneys on each branch.

Second-year intersection

In the second year, the bushes are escaping young (null) runs, leaving three to five of the best and powerful. These branches will be the first skeletal branches of the future bush. Don't leave the shades, the tentacles, the other escapes.
In addition, in order to ensure that large numbers of lateral runs are generated in the middle of the summer, young branches are plunged into two kidneys.

Как обрезать смородину 3-4 годThis procedure contributes to the growth of small fruit branches (births) in old branches, as well as to the growth of new zero runs from underground bush kidneys.

Two knights are killed, and the crops are growing and the bush is in the right direction.

Third and fourth year trimming

Everything is repeated: of the youngest (nouth) escapes, there are several (3-6) of the most developed and well-located, and all the others are undonely removed. It is particularly important to cut the weak and underdeveloped runs from the middle of the bush, which are potentially capable of " squeezing " the bush, wrapping up the fruit branches and slowing the growth of new runs.

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